A Most Filial Imprint

During a critical period after hatching, baby birds of certain species imprint themselves on the first moving stimulus they encounter, be it the mother duck or a pair of galoshes. Art objects, in some ways, are a little bit like baby ducklings that imprint themselves on their makers during a certain critical period of birth and rearing. Filial imprinting marks the moment at which nature and nurture function as one. This exhibition examines a particular form of art-making in which the object is shaped twice by the body of the artist: first when the body gives conscious or expressive form to the material of the object, and then again when the object absorbs the unintentional traces of the body along the seam between the surfaces of both. Heat, basal metabolism, skin, fingerprints, time, humidity; these are the terms through which the object imprints itself on its author.

Curated by Robin Peckham, including works of the following artists: Oscar Chan, Dylan DeRose, Heidi Lau, Sydney Shen, Su Chang, Trevor Yeung and Yu Ji.

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